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New features and updates that prioritise experience, efficiency, and personalisation

Today’s consumers are willing to pay more for a great experience. However, they expect responsive, convenient, and personalised interactions from those they do business with. Adoption of online service booking tools is rising, with retailers and manufacturers alike prioritising highly digitised consumer journeys that give people the ability to self-serve appointment bookings while driving efficiencies in tandem.

A tool you already know and love: but better

Keyloop Service Booking makes it easy for customers to book and manage service and repair appointments online, whenever and wherever they want.

  • 24/7 convenience
  • Speed – book online in under 2 minutes
  • Full integration with Keyloop DMS and workshop diary
  • Enhances operational agility
  • Contributes to higher customer satisfaction scores
We’re making Service Booking even better for you and your customers.

More personal, more efficient, more business

We’re adding new features and enhancing some existing ones to ensure our product adapts to meet changing needs of today’s consumers, while helping you streamline your operations for higher efficiencies and greater margins.Key features include:

Focused urls
Create a personalised url for your customers, complete with pre-populated location and vehicle details. If you create an outbound campaign using Keyloop Campaigns, you simply embed the url into a button and the customer is taken to exactly the right place on your site. They can start selecting the service or repair options they want, straight away, with no need to enter additional details. It’s a level of personalisation that enhances their experience – and your brand’s reputation.

Take a look to see how it works.

Improved parts and consumables workflow
Upsales are vital in any retail environment. Just like a customer that’s physically in your workshop might choose some screen wash, wiper blades, or a dashcam from the shelf, they can now do it virtually at the time they’re booking their service or repair. With the improved workflow for this section of Service Booking, consumables can be added to a shopping basket and automatically included in the order on your DMS.

It’s a great way to increase booking value for each job. And, to make the selection relevant to each customer, we’re adding filtration by vehicle fuel type, so they only see products that are useful for them.

Diagnosis workflow capability
What if the customer has a diagnosis issue? Wouldn’t it make life easier for them to be able to include this at the time they’re booking their service or repair? We’ve added a configurable selection process to Service Booking so that the customer can do exactly that. It streamlines the customer experience by giving them the opportunity to merge visits and improves workshop efficiency at the same time.

Franchise-specific locations
The location selection stage of the customer journey can be a challenging one.

“If the customer has any confusion or difficulty in selecting a location, they might drop off,” says Keyloop Product Manager Craig Richardson. “Allowing dealers to streamline locations based on the manufacturer, and automatically matching it to the customer’s vehicle, can minimise that confusion.”In other words, if the customer has a Ford you’re not going to show them a Mercedes specialist.  It’s a simple tweak that makes life easier for the end user and improves the customer experience.

More appointment options
If your dealership offers collection and delivery, a courtesy car or customer waiting options, you can now flag any of these on the booking page. You can also show real time availability, so the customer can see exactly what their options are and choose the option that most suits their needs. Appointments are integrated with your workshop diary, with all the relevant details, including addresses, captured. It’s another enhancement that prioritises the customer experience and help facilitate seamless, personalised journey while enhancing your overall efficiency. With more options for customers to self-serve online, it can free-up your inbound call handler’s time.

What’s in the pipeline?

Following the additions and improvements made in Q1 and Q2, the focus for Q3 is:
  • Working with our design teams to optimise workflow and UX
  • Continuing to work on personalisation of data
  • Improving integration of data services
Specifically, we’ll be looking at:

Vehicle recall integration
This feature will mean that Service Booking will be able to highlight a vehicle that has an active recall and get it booked in. This gives you a useful additional touchpoint for recalls, as well as increasing customer confidence – key to building a long-term relationship.

Support for OEM menu package data
Customer feedback tells us you’re keen to get accurate OEM pricing into Service Booking. The team has carried out discovery work around service catalogue integrations and found a number of issues that will need to be tackled in order to be able to present the data in a customer friendly format. We aim to solve these by the end of 2023.

Integration of service plans
We’ll be building on the data services that we offer across the rest of the business and bringing these into Service Booking. Customers with a service plan can flag this manually to the dealership, to make sure their plan provider is one that’s integrated with Service Booking.

Configuration application
At the moment, our service products are manually created, with our Professional Service teams helping our customers to configure and install them. Our aim is to give you the ability to configure Service Booking to your own bespoke specifications, without needing us to assist. By making our products self-service, we give you control over the maintenance of your own product. And of course, this will have the benefit of reducing your internal costs.

Internationalising the product
We’re scoping out suitable markets for Service Booking globally, so that we can help international dealerships offer the same great experience as our UK and Ireland customers.

Analytic capabilities
Service Booking currently offers high-level reporting. We’re asking ourselves how we can maximise the usage of our current tool and build on it to give you more insight and more meaningful reporting at dealer and group level. In terms of metrics, we support UTM tracking and will be making improvements to enable you to measure campaign performance.

To infinity, and beyond

As you can imagine, the work outlined above is keeping the team pretty busy! However, the product team have already mapped out key themes and direction for Q4 onwards.  On the list:
  • Integration of pre-payments and deposits
  • Support for reminders and deferred work
  • Widening the capabilities of our data services

Service Booking already offers an exceptional customer experience – we’re excited to see where we can take it in the months to come. If you have any feedback you’d like to share, or an idea for a development, we’d love to hear it. Please connect with your regular Keyloop point of content or email the team via blog@thesportsearch.com.

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