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Power to Change

We’re committed to creating a better future. We strive to protect the environment, to make a difference where it counts, and to look after our people. Every change can make a difference.
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Together we have the power to do great things

Power to Change is our commitment to do our best as a company and to support our customers and partners in doing the same.  It’s about making a difference for tomorrow through the actions we take today.Every Keyloop employee has the opportunity to make positive changes whether it be through volunteering, making more sustainable choices at home, or to take some education to understand others.
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Our core pillars

Everything we do is underpinned by one of our three core pillars. We enable our people to educate themselves and others, to take the time to work on projects that fall both within and outside of their work remit, and to share the stories about the difference they’re making. We encourage everyone to be a small part of something bigger. 
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Embracing everyone

We strive to bring together a diverse workforce, to bring everyone together through acceptance, tolerance, and kindness.  We show up Authentically and at Keyloop we know that our differences make us stronger so it’s important that we make Keyloop a place where people want to work, where they choose to work.
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Behaving responsibly

We embrace our company value of being Bold and commit to making sustainable choices wherever possible. Big changes aren’t easy to make alone but when we make small changes in our everyday lives, we’ll make a bigger difference collectively. We’re a hybrid, largely remote workforce travelling only when necessary, and are a Silver Partner of Trees for Life.

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Supporting communities

Part of being a Keylooper is to positively impact the communities where we live and work, with a focus on supporting educational initiatives globally. All employees get paid leave to volunteer; and by volunteering our time when and where it’s needed most, we make a real difference.

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