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Keyloop Training Academy

Sharpen your team’s Keyloop skills with access to world-class training programmes, available in-person or on-demand.
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Empowering automotive teams with flexible training solutions

Whether you need to upskill existing team members or train new arrivals, all the support you need is available and ongoing. We offer a blended training approach through the Keyloop Learning Journey that lets you choose between hands-on workshops led by our trainers or on-demand learning modules, followed by e-learning in a simulated system and online competency testing.
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Learn in-demand skills

Your staff will develop vital career skills that boost efficiency as they learn about the Keyloop systems used throughout the automotive retail industry.
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Choose digital or in-person

Flexible learning in a way that suits your team and business. Choose iLearn for online learning or in-person delivery with a Keyloop expert.
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Get certified

Final program certificates confirm that your staff have been trained and tested, and are ready to use Keyloop systems to make life better for customers.

Training methods

Our training workshops run in virtual classrooms, offering the same superior level of learning as our in-person sessions. All training is done in small groups, led by one of our fully qualified experts. Many of our trainers have worked in dealerships and so have real-world answers for all the practical questions from your team. Your staff will be guided through a role-specific Learning Journey using real-life scenarios and hands-on exercises.

iLearn, our e-learning tool, plays a key role in our workshops. It lets your staff members track their own Learning Journey through a personal account that’s available whenever they need it, 24 hours a day. iLearn is also where they’ll be tested during their journey, so they can complete their certification once they’re fully trained and ready.

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Why choose Keyloop training for your teams?

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Get the most from your investment

Just like when a new model arrives and you ensure the sales team knows its features. Your DMS works the same way: a full introduction makes your staff happy, confident and more effective with their role.
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Start with best practices

Begin with basic training on the best practices for all Keyloop features, with helpful notes on how they work together. A proven way to increase rates of product adoption and effective use by retail teams.
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Develop your people

Everyone wants to get ahead and do well. So show your employees that knowledge and effective use of Keyloop is good for the dealership, its customers, and for their own credentials and career progression.

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